See How Ukrainian BTR-4 Destroys russia’s Tank in Duel (Video)

Screenshot fron the duel footage
Screenshot fron the duel footage

Ukrainian fighters show, that they can operate infantry armored vehicles as tank destroyers and annihilate russia’s occupants with anything they have

Earlier today, General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine posted a video of duel between Ukraine’s armored infantry vehicle BTR-4 and an enemy tank.

From the video provided by Ukraine’s drone we see how the tank is being ruthlessly shot from 30-mm cannon.

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The BTR-4 ends up being a winner leaving the burning tank.

See How Ukrainian BTR-4 in Duel Destroys russia’s Tank in Spectacular Video, Defense Express, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war
Ukraine-manufactured infantry fighting vehicle BTR-4 / Open source picture

Defense Express reminds, that it’s not the first time when 30-mm cannon of Ukraine-manufactured BTR-4 breaks the armor of enemy tanks.

The video below is from encircled city of heroes Mariupol. BTR-4 annihilates everything around, including enemy BMP-1.

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