RM-70 MLRS is Already in Ukraine

RM-70 MLRS is Already in Ukraine

​The Czechoslovak analogue of GRAD MLRS" are already in Ukraine

RM-70 multiple launch rocket system are already in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As Mil.in.ua report, the evidence of this was spread by users of the social network TikTok.

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However, it is not yet clear whether the video was filmed at the frontline, or in places of training or formation of new reserve units.

A 122 mm RM-70 MLRS was developed in Czechoslovakia. It was produced in 1971-89 years. It has been in service since 1972. It was made at the factory in Dubnica-nad-Vakhom (Slovakia). In 2010, the Czech Army withdrew its system from service. Slovakia continues to release an updated version with American MLRS.

RM-70 multiple launchers rocket system
RM-70 multiple launchers rocket system

In fact, this is a copy of the Soviet BМ-21 “Grad.” The chassis used are from Tatra T813 “Kolos” (8×8).

Unguided missiles for the system both Soviet (9M22 and 9M28) and local production:

  • JROF. Range – 20.75 km;
  • JROF-K. Range – 11 km;
  • “Trnovnik” (cassette warhead). Range – 17.5 km;
  • “Kuš” (five anti-personnel mines PPMI-S1);
  • “Krizhna-R” (4 PTMI-D anti-tank mines). Range – 19,450 m.
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