​Powerful Tandem of American Legendary TOW ATGM, HMMWV Armored Vehicle Spotted on Battlefield in Ukraine

Legendary American BGM-71 TOW ATGMs have reached Ukraine
Legendary American BGM-71 TOW ATGMs have reached Ukraine

Two very well-known American weapons in the world are now in Ukraine. The American tandem is ready to destroy the russian troops, being already in the hands of the Ukrainian military

The powerful BGM-71 TOW ATGMs combined with the HMMWV have reached Ukraine and they are ready to destroy the equipment of the russian invaders - a video of Ukrainian M41A7 TOW HMMWV-mounted Improved Target Acquisition System deployed somewhere on the front was published on social networks.

The "killer" combination for russian tanks was seen in the South of Ukraine, namely in the Kherson region - this is the first time that BGM-71 TOW ATGMs on HMMWVs were seen exactly at the front, and not at the training ground.

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We will remind that the TOW anti-tank missile systems were included in one of the packages of defense assistance from the USA at the end of August.

This anti-tank missile system was created back in the 60s and was put into service in 1970. The TOW is a second-generation ATGM with missile-by-wire guidance (there is a limited series of TOW 2 RF with a radio channel, designed for use from helicopters).

Detection and targeting in the newer versions of this ATGM are provided by a thermal imaging sight and a laser range finder.

Due to the fact that this anti-tank system is quite heavy, it is mostly used in combination with mobile platforms, such as, for example, HMMWV, many of which are already in service with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or the M2 Bradley IFVs, the delivery of which to Ukraine is yet to be announced. unfortunately, it is not mentioned.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the BGM-71 TOW ATGM:

• maximum range – 3.75 km (4.5 km in the TOW-2B version);

• missile flight speed – 2780-320 m/s;

• armor penetration – 430-900 mm under dynamic protection (the latter – in the TOW-2A version);

• weight – about 70 kg.

As Defense Express reported, that The U.S. Plans Double or Triple HIMARS, GMLRS, ATGM and MPADS Production in a Year. We also wrote that Ukraine’s Forces Chose Domestic Armoury: Stuhna-P ATGM Exceed Expectations.

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