​New Wheeled Chassis Will Give Mobility to the russian Serp EW System

Serp-VS5 jammer at tests / Photo source: russian media
Serp-VS5 jammer at tests / Photo source: russian media

The jammer is designed for countering UAVs, the cover range is 5 km

The NII Vector company has announced ongoing negotiations with one of its customers about integrating their product, the Serp-VS6 electronic warfare system, on a wheeled chassis. The upcoming upgrade was revealed during the World Defence Show 2024 running on February 4–8 in the UAE.

At this show, the NII Vector, part of Ruselectronics state-owned holding company belonging to Rostec, presented an integrated anti-drone system comprising a Serp-VS6 detection and jamming system and a radio frequency monitoring unit. This is the first time a russian company presents these devices to foreigners abroad.

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Serp-VS6 on display at the World Defence Show 2024
Serp-VS6 on display at the World Defence Show 2024 / Photo credit: Military Africa

The manufacturer expects that mounting their Serp system on top of a wheeled chassis will give it the new function of "covering the vehicle itself while on the move as well as provide cover for a certain territory around it."

Notably, the russian company promotes this system specifically as a solution against FPV drones. In December 2023, the system in its Serp-VS5D modification passed tests at an unspecified power supply facility in russia, indicating that the primary role of this jammer is covering stationary objects from simple-built suicide UAVs.

According to declared specifications, the Serp-VS5 modification can detect and suppress drones in five frequency bands, from 900 MHz to 5.8 GHz, in 360° view or in four sectors of 90° each, if some friendly drone is operating nearby. The range is 5 km.

However, the actual performance on the battlefield leaves room for doubt in its capabilities, as the incident with destruction of two Serp-VS5 systems in early January vividly demonstrated.

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