Lithuania Transfers M577 Command and Staff Vehicles to Ukraine

Ukraine receives M577 command and control vehicles from Lithuania
Ukraine receives M577 command and control vehicles from Lithuania

Lithuania announced the transfer of M577 command and control vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The batch of M577 arrived in Ukraine on April 5, as reported by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.

Lithuania continues to provide uninterrupted military support to Ukraine. "The continuity of support for Ukraine is our strategic goal. The weaponry and equipment provided by us and our allies critically contribute to Ukraine's fight for independence and the security of all of Europe. We will provide support to Ukraine as much as needed," said the Minister of National defense of Lithuania, Laurinas Kasčiūnas.

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The Lithuanian ministry did not specify how many command and control vehicles arrived in Ukraine. However, the photo posted on Twitter shows at least three armored vehicles.

The M577 Command Post Carrier, also known as the M577 Command Post Vehicle or Armored Command Post Vehicle, is a variant of the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier. It is designed to serve as a battalion-level mobile command post. The M577 usually has a crew of five: Commander, Driver and the unit control officers and staff. The vehicle weighs 12 tonnes and has an operational range of 480 km.

The M577, utilized by numerous armies globally, has undergone adaptations for various functions, including serving as an armored ambulance, an emergency medical treatment vehicle, and a fire control vehicle. Moreover, upgraded versions of the M577 are capable of operating German PzH 2000 self-propelled guns, which are already in use by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In Lithuania's defense department, it was also noted that the country allocated 35 million euros for the Czech initiative on ammunitionfor Ukraine.

Lithuania has been one of Ukraine's most active allies since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion. The military support provided by Lithuania to Ukraine so far includes various weaponry, ammunition, drones, anti-drone systems, military training, and heavy equipment repair. In addition to transferring military equipment and armaments, Lithuania actively trains the Ukrainian military, provides medical treatment and rehabilitation for Ukrainians, and allocates funds to international organizations supporting Ukraine.

Lithuania has already developed a long-term plan for supporting Ukraine, with a military support package worth 200 million euros planned for the years 2024-2026 for new acquisitions. Since the beginning of the war, Lithuania has provided military support to Ukraine, totaling approximately 605 million euros.

Photo credit: Lithuanian MoD
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