Another Version of russian Tank Shed with a New Approach to Armor, and Mine Warfare

Tank shed based on T-72 with mine trawl
Tank shed based on T-72 with mine trawl

In russia, not only are tank sheds proliferating actively, but their designs are also evolving

Another version of the tank shed has emerged among the enemy ranks, fully armored with a solid metal sheet structure.

Note that such decisions are no longer the result of individual inventors' work but have become a widespread phenomenon, as the number of tank sheds in the russian army is indeed increasing.

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Moreover, their design continues to evolve, and on the new model based on the T-72, a new approach to armor and mine countermeasures has been observed.

Particular attention should be paid to the decision that the additional metal sheets comprising the "shed" are further reinforced with grids. Apparently, their main task is to provoke the premature detonation of the combat unit.

Thus, the overall tank armor now appears as follows: metal mesh - metal sheet - dynamic protection - main tank armor. And it may only be noted that such a structure indeed allows for enhanced protection against FPV drones, which, for effective use, require precise targeting in the vulnerable zones of the vehicle, which is now completely "shielded".

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However, it should be noted that certain specimens of similar tank sheds have been destroyed by mines. And this happened despite the fact that they were equipped with mine trawls, the use of a knife trawl of the KMT-6 or KMT-8 type was most often observed. At the same time, the latest model is equipped with the KMT-5 or KMT-7 roller trawl.

The difference between them lies in the fact that the task of the knife-type mine trawl is to push the mines aside, while the task of the roller-type mine trawl is to trigger their premature detonation under the weight of the trawl.

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At the same time, it should be noted that when it comes to tank sheds, this statement is not entirely accurate because the enemy does not use them as tanks.

In all available videos, there has never been observed a situation where vehicles protected in this way fired from a cannon, the aiming of which in the horizontal plane is extremely limited by the structure of the "shed". And the actual task of such vehicles is transportation.

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In fact, it is a heavy-armored personnel carrier on a tank chassis designed for transporting personnel and cargo. And the question of its effectiveness or ineffectiveness depends solely on the saturation of anti-tank defense, which can be effective only when all anti-tank means are used, not just FPV drones.

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