​Where in Ukraine Did the Occupiers ‘Light Up’ a Company Set of Their Newest Tanks

Russia’s T-90M tank
Russia’s T-90M tank

The russians want to throw more of their newest T-90M tanks into battle

The Russian military has plans to throw more of its latest T-90M tanks into battle, and even hinted at the direction in which the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to find these vehicles - a video with russian tanks was published on social networks.

Thus, earlier the occupiers announced their plans for 50 units of additional T-90M tanks, which were supposed to strengthen the units of the russian occupation army.

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However, so far, the company set of these vehicles "lit up" directly on the video: six tanks unloaded in the north of Severodonetsk, and four more on the way. Most likely, these tanks will primarily go to reinforce Kreminna, less likely - Lysychansk.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military, according to data from the Oryx portal, has already reduced the russian army by at least 8 T-90M tanks.

Of the last "spectacular disposals" of this latest tank of the occupiers, one broke into two parts right on the march, and the other was hit by the Ukrainian Stugna ATGM near Bakhmut.

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