U.S. Congressmen Called to Start Training Ukrainian pilots on American Fighteres

Photo for illustration / F-16 aircraft
Photo for illustration / F-16 aircraft

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger and Democrat Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan introduced a bill to train Ukrainian fighter pilots and crews on US military air assets

According to the Congressmen’s letter to the United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the military aid the United States and other NATO countries provided to Ukraine gave its forces the defensive ability to stop Russia from conquering Kyiv and installing a puppet regime. That is a significant accomplishment. But it has not stopped the war, nor brought Vladimir Putin to the negotiating table to seriously discuss a potential end to hostilities.

Photo for illustration / F-15 aircraft
Photo for illustration / F-15 aircraft

“As Air Force veterans, we know that in any conflict with an opposing military, one of the first actions our Joint Forces will take is to establish air supremacy,” the letter says.” Based on public reporting, neither the Ukrainians nor the Russians have established air superiority. We believe the U.S. and our NATO allies can help Ukraine change the situation in the air domain and give Ukrainian forces a decisive advantage in the war.”

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According to a press release from Adam Kinzinger, this bill would allow the United States to begin training Ukrainian pilots and air crew members on F-15’s, F-16’s, and other air platforms while the Administration continues to consider sending such equipment.

The Representatives remain hopeful that there won’t be a need for further escalation, but they both agree that it’s critical for the Ukrainian military to be trained and familiar with these air platforms should Russia continue their malign campaign against Ukraine’s sovereignty. Regardless of whether the United States and its allies deploy such equipment, this program will strengthen the Ukrainian military and ensure their long-term stability and security.

Photo for illustration / Polish F-16 aircraft

On top of that, Ukraine, sent a letter to Congress on March 8 stating Ukraine needs additional aircraft, including Western-made platforms and weapons.

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