U.S. Army Says Six Million Shells Delivered to Ukraine in Two Weeks. There are Three Possible Explanations

Military supplies on the way to Ukraine / Illustrative photo credit: U.S. Transportation Command
Military supplies on the way to Ukraine / Illustrative photo credit: U.S. Transportation Command

This is either a miscalculation, a deception move against russians, or a logistical miracle

The U.S. Transportation Command responsible for logistics and delivery of military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published an infographic reflecting the results of its work as of May 15, 2023 (starting January 2022).

Although the following info covers all the supplies that went through the hands of American logisticians in Europe, most of it is being forwarded to Ukraine which means Ukrainian forces have allegedly received as many as 7.823 mln artillery shells.

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Infographics credit: U.S. Transportation Command

For comparison: as of May 1, 2023, the same kind of report from the U.S. Transportation Command said 1.711 mln artillery rounds were delivered to European allies. With that, in just two weeks of May this year, the U.S. Army supposedly sent over six million artillery shells overseas which is an unprecedented number on itself.

The same report as of May 1, 2023 / Infographics credit: U.S. Transportation Command

If we continue comparing the data, we'll find out that over the same period, military logisticians also delivered 1.3 more mln of small arms rounds, almost 14,000 anti-tank munitions, almost 600 air defense missiles, and two radar systems.

As for the stated record-high number of over 6 million artillery shells in two weeks, here we have two possible explanations. First of all, the figure might include not only the most often used NATO standard calibers 155mm and 105mm and Soviet-type calibers 122mm and 152mm but also "non-standard" ammunition as well: 57mm, 87mm, 100mm, 130mm, etc, as well as mortar shells. Consequently, the source of the supplies could have been not only the United States but European countries, too, which have been ramping up their domestic production of ammunition specially for the sake of Ukraine since January 2023.

Nonetheless, even against this background, the figure of six million looks enormous. Especially in the light of the report on Ukraine support specifically, issued a few days prior, on May 10, by the Commander of the U.S. Transportation Command which mentions only 183,000 artillery shells were delivered to Ukraine.

All things considered, there are three possible explanations to the latest report that hasn't been altered even several days past its publication: this is either an ordinary typo, an intentional misinformation of the adversary, or a real logistical miracle, and American military indeed managed to send these many artillery rounds in just two weeks.

In favor of the latter possibility speaks the data from the very same U.S. Transportation Command as of the end of 2022. We can see how significantly the pace of deliveries of various military equipment grew in almost just half a year in 2023.

Infographics credit: U.S. Transportation Command
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