​Ukrainian Yak-52 Aircraft Intercepted russian ZALA Drone (Video)

Yak-52 aircraft in the lens of russian drone / Video screenshot
Yak-52 aircraft in the lens of russian drone / Video screenshot

How Ukrainian warriors destroyed the drone considering the Yak-52 cannot carry a full-fledged weapon

The Yak-52 trainer aircraft cannot carry a full-fledged armament, so the second crew member is responsible for destroying airborne threats. According to military analyst Oleksandr Kovalenko, russian Armed Forces have already tried to destroy this plane during the strikes on Odessa.

Ukrainian military intercepted russian ZALA reconnaissance drone over Mykolaiv Oblast with the help of Yak-52 training aircraft. The footage, allegedly taken from russian drone that recorded Ukrainian Yak-52, was published on Tysk Telegram channel.

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"Ukrainian Yak-52 that performs the role of air defense, is noted in the lens of the enemy Zala UAV over the Mykolayiv Oblast," the statement reads.

The coordinates of a likely russian drone intercept are also known. It is about 56 kilometers southwest of the city of Mykolayiv. The type of russian reconnaissance drone was not specified. ZALA is the manufacturer of several drones that russia is using in Ukraine.

The published footage clearly shows two pilots aboard the camouflage Yak-52. Both of them are with opened canopies. Since the aircraft has no on-board armament, it can be assumed that it was fired by the co-pilot, who was sitting in the instructor's seat.

Earlier Defense Express reported Ukraine had hit russia's latest Su-57 aircraft for the first time at Akhtubinsk air base.

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