Ukrainian Strike Drones Pursuit and Punish russian Looters

Ukrainian Strike Drones Pursuit and Punish russian Looters

The Armed Forces of Ukraine skillfully use simple civilian drones to haunt russian occupiers

Another episode of applying such drones was shot on video again. In it – hunting for looters who got injured instead of getting bicycles.

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Defense Express notes that such drones get modified so that it was possible to hang a few miniature bombs. Of course, their weight of one or two kilograms is not enough to destroy the enemy, but even they make a huge negative impact on the enemy, who never feels safe.

Enemy equipment is destroyed much better with certain ammunition, namely RKG-1600, which was developed by PJSC Mayak Plant together with Aerorozvidka, which is enough to disable even a tank.

Defense Express offers to watch a compilation of enemy destruction by means of such drones

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