Ukraine Developing a Drone-Delivered Bomb

Ukraine Developing a Drone-Delivered Bomb

SpetsOboronMash is developing a lineup of dropped munitions optimized to be fired from UCAV platforms. One such, an unguided gravity bomb, has completed its prototyping phase and is now ready to enter initial trials beginning soon.

The munition is being designed with a mass of 4.2 kg and a length of about 45 cm. It will carry a high explosive anti-tank warhead of 80 mm in diameter which expands downward to 110 mm. The warhead can be fuzed to detonate in air, on impact or upon penetration.

Deployment scenarios for this munition will depend on the combination of factors such as the altitude and speed of the drone platform; weather conditions, etc. Algorithms for using the munition in specific mission scenarios will be set by a ballistic computer tailored for each specific drone platform.

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While claiming that this compact-size gravity bomb is suitable to be fired from both fix-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, SpetsOboronMash doesn’t disclose the company that has provided its drone platform for this project and acts as a major or potential partner in developing air-deliverable weapons for use from UAVs.

More details about the bomb’s specs and capabilities will become available upon completion of factory-level tests when it will be delivered to field forces for user evaluation and further maturing.

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