Two Raids, Minus Twenty Enemy Vehicles: Ukrainian Soldiers Reveal the Insightful Statistics of FPV Drones Attacks (Video)

FPV drones / Illustrative photo credit: Escadrone
FPV drones / Illustrative photo credit: Escadrone

An example of how important of a weapon FPV drones became in a modern all-out war in a single day on Ukrainian frontlines

The Asgard drone operators group has published a video showing multiple russian targets being destroyed by Ukrainian FPV drones with explosive payload. That includes the . As the soldiers say, besides this target, they managed to take twenty more in just two sorties.

Earlier today, the group reported 21 targets destroyed plus enemy personnel injured, including artillery systems: 2S4 Tyulpan mortar, 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled and D-30 towed howitzers.

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On top of that, they hit five T-80 tanks, one of them was destroyed completely, while the others were just damaged. One BTR armored vehicle was destroyed, one more damaged, one "armored artillery fire control vehicle" also got hit with a drone, plus 10 non-armored vehicles were taken down.

Not included in the list, their most recent target – the T-90A destroyed in a joint effort with the 3rd Mechanized Brigade:

The statistics show just how integral suicide drones have become on the battlegrounds of the russo-Ukrainian war, and they make up for a significant part of russian daily losses.

An FPV drone chasing down a russian BTR
Screenshot from the video published by Asgard this week – an FPV drone chasing down a russian BTR / Still image credit: Asgard_Aerorozvidka onTelegram

Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine shared the data on the targets hit by the Army of Drones over the past week. Defense Express compared the data to the statistics provided by the General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces for the same period.

And it turns out, 44% of all destroyed tanks, 57% of other armored vehicles, and 20% of artillery systems were taken down by drones operated by special units trained to deploy attack UAVs.

At this point, they even try to take down helicopters with FPV drones.

Crowdfunded FPV drones for the Asgard group
Crowdfunded FPV drones for the Asgard group / Photo credit: Serhii Sternenko
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