Trophy Russian Anti-aircraft "Pantsir-S1" Destroyed the First Enemy Target

Photo for illustration /Trophy Russian Anti-aircraft "Pantsir-S1"
Photo for illustration /Trophy Russian Anti-aircraft "Pantsir-S1"

According to the Facebook post of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the trophy Russian anti-aircraft "Pantsir-S1" destroyed the first enemy target. The department did not specify what exactly he shot down

As Defense Express informed, in a result of a successful operation, Ukrainian forces have gotten their hands several air defense missile and gun system, the Pantsir-S1 (referred to by NATO as the SA-22 Greyhound), they’ve seized from the Russian invaders.

According to oryxspioenkop.com, a website that is documenting and listing Russian army equipment destroyed, damaged or abandoned in Ukraine, RF lost 8 Pantsir-S1.

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The Pantsir (Russian: Панцирь, lit. '"Carapace"') missile system is a family of self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery systems. Starting with the Pantsir-S1 (Russian: Панцирь-С1, NATO reporting name SA-22 Greyhound) as the first version, it is produced by KBP Instrument Design Bureau of Tula, Russia, and is the successor to the Tunguska M1.

The Pantsir-S1 was designed to provide point air defence of military, industrial and administrative installations against aircraft, helicopters, precision munitions, cruise missiles and UAVs; and to provide additional protection to air defence units against enemy air attacks employing precision munitions, especially at low to extremely low altitudes.

Air defense missile and gun system Pantsir-S1
Air defense missile and gun system Pantsir-S1

The armament of Pantsir-S1 consists of twelve 57E6 surface-to-air guided missiles and two 2A38M30-millimetre automatic guns developed from the two-barreled 30mm GSh-30 gun. It is provided with a multi-range radar capable of detecting aerial targets with an effective surface of dispersion of up to 2-3 square meters at a distance of more than 30 kilometers and tracking them down from a distance of over 24 kilometers. With its missiles, the Pantsir-S1 can engage tactical aircraft at a maximum range of 20 km and altitude of 10 km, subsonic cruise missiles at a range of 12 km and altitude of 6 km, and high-speed air-to-ground missiles at a range of 7 km and altitude of 6 km. With its gun weapons, the Pantsir-S1 can destroy aerial targets at a maximum range of 4 km and a maximum altitude of 3 km.

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