Timely and Effective Strike on russian Black Sea Fleet HQ Was Thanks to Special Forces of Ukraine

Timely and Effective Strike on russian Black Sea Fleet HQ Was Thanks to Special Forces of Ukraine

Special Operations Forces of Ukraine play a very significant role in Ukrainian missile strikes on military bases in the occupied Crimea

Yesterday, on September 22th, the Air Force of Ukraine demolished the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet of the russian federation. According to updated information, the strike arrived at a time when a number of high-ranking russian officers were in the building.

Moreover, the press service of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine revealed that an important role in this operation belonged to the special forces operators.

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"Daring and painstaking work by the Special Operations Forces enabled a 'timely and accurate' strike on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters during a meeting of russian navy top commanders in the temporarily occupied city of Sevastopol," writes the press center about the operation codenamed "Crab trap."

The special forces forwarded the intel they gathered to the Air Force, and the latter launched cruise missiles that we can see in the videos from the site.

According to the Defense Intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov, 9 russians were killed and 16 more wounded in this attack, he told the Voice of America. That includes Alexander Romanchuk, the commander of the russian invasion forces stationed in the Zaporizhzhia operational direction. Also, Oleg Tsekov hadn't regained consciousness, who is the commander of the 200th Motor Rifle Brigade of the russian Northern Fleet coastal troops.

At the same time, there were reports about allegedly the head commander of the Black Sea Fleet Viktor Sokolov killed in this aerial strike but Ukrainian intelligence currently has no confirmation of that, VOA notes.

On an important note, the "9 killed and 16 wounded" don't include those russians that were in the building but not military staff members – security, enlisted soldiers, etc.

Worth noting, this is not the first time special forces take part in missile Air Force's attack operations on Crimea. Prior to the missile strike on September 13th this year, a group of SOF operators infiltrated Crimea, designated the target and confirmed the hits on the Minsk dock landing ship and the Rostov Na Donu submarine. The footage below was shared by the SOF press service a few days after the operation.

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