​russians Produce Artillery Ammunition at Tula Arms Plant for War in Ukraine

Tula Arms Plant / Photo credit: the Atesh partisan movement
Tula Arms Plant / Photo credit: the Atesh partisan movement

Ukrainian partisans report the Tula arms plant is working around the clock to satisfy the appetites of russian occupiers

The Atesh partisan movement shared important information on its Telegram channel that russian command is refurbishing production halls at the Tula arms plant to produce artillery ammunition.

According to one of the movement's agent, the plant's workshops run around the clock in three shifts, producing up to 7,000 rounds of ammunition per month. However, they are not of the best quality, slightly better than North Korean ones.

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"The rush and failure to implement safety measures has already resulted in several accidents," the agent reported.

Ukrainian partisans continue to monitor the plant and will inform of new details.

Earlier Defense Express reported that russians had restored abandoned radar in Novorossiysk.

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