​Russians Move Their Ammo Depots Deeper in the Rear Because of Ukraine’s New Long-Range Artillery

Illustrative photo: HIMARS launch / Photo credit: Alamy
Illustrative photo: HIMARS launch / Photo credit: Alamy

Russian occupation forces fear more warehouses destroyed by powerful Western weaponry

Since Ukraine received the first far-reaching weapons such as HIMARS and M270, there was no safe place for russian supplies. The invaders’ stocks of ammunition and fuel began to disappear one after another creating problems for the frontline logistics.

So they try to hide warehouses away, relocating them deeper in the rear, as stated by a Ukrainian General Staff official Oleksii Hromov during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine.

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"In addition to multiple rocket launchers, the army is proactively using 155-millimeter SMArt projectiles, with the help of which almost 30 enemy armored objects were hit. Our military shows good results destroying the enemy’s command posts and disrupting their logistics chains," – Oleksii Hromov said.

Image credit: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

"Currently, the possibility of locating the enemy’s brigade-level warehouses at a distance of 100 kilometers from the front line is being considered, and corps-level warehouses – at 150 kilometers from the front line."

It should be noted at this point that HIMARS with the type of missiles supplied to Ukraine has a range of fire up to 80 km, and 70 km for the M270 launcher.

Oleksii Hromov noted that, most likely, the Russians will move their warehouses to civilian infrastructure facilities.

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