​russians Build Ivan Rogov Amphibious Assault Ship in Temporarily Occupied Crimea (Satellite Images)

 Satellite image / Photo credit: MT Anderson
Satellite image / Photo credit: MT Anderson

russian occupiers are completing Ivan Rogov amphibious assault ship at Zaliv Shipbuilding Yard in Kerch

This was reported by Crimean Wind Telegram channel, having analyzed satellite images by OSINT analyst MT Anderson.

"The hull of the new russian Project 23900 Ivan Rogov multipurpose amphibious assault ship is being formed at Zaliv shipyard in Kerch."

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The photos show a part of the ship's hull. Its width is 38 meters.

According to Crimean Wind, on June 28, the head of Ak Bars shipbuilding corporation Renat Mistakhov, said that russian Ivan Rogov and Mitrofan Moskalenko landing ships of Project 23900 would be completed at the site of their laying. It means that they will be complited at This is in Crimea at Zaliv shipbuilding yard. Both these ships were laid in Kerch on July 20, 2020.

Earlier Defense Express reported that laid down in 2013, russian Admiral Isakov frigate still hadn`t reached the water.

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