​russian Occupiers Continue to Reinforce Kerch Bridge with Air Defense Systems

Kerch Bridge / Open source illustrative photo
Kerch Bridge / Open source illustrative photo

Ukrainian partisans monitor the Kerch Bridge, trying to scout the air defense systems that guard it

Ukrainian partisans from the Atesh movement continue to monitor the Kerch bridge and how it is guarded by russian occupiers. The movement traditionally published the results of the observation on its Telegram channel.

"russians this facility guard with a particular care. But it's only a matter of time before the bridge's entire air defense system is uncovered," the Atesh reported.

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russian Occupiers Continue to Reinforce Kerch Bridge with Air Defense Systems, Defense Express
Ukrainian partisans found man-portable air-defense system near Kerch Bridge/ Photo credit: the Atesh partisan movement

According to the movement's statement, constant surveillance gives a proper understanding of the situation and will allow using found vulnerabilities in echeloned air defense assets.

"The identified man-portable air-defense system will soon become the next target for precision-guided Ukrainian missiles. We will conduct systematic surveillance and continue to transmit the gathered information to the Defense Forces of Ukraine for the speedy and complete liberation of our territories!" the statement reads.

Earlier Defense Express reported that russian commanders in Crimea had recommended air defense personnel to evacuate families to the Southern Military District.

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