russian Invaders Discredit Cossacks and Establish Mobilization Reserve in Occupied Ukrainian Territories

Photo credit: National Resistance Center of Ukraine
Photo credit: National Resistance Center of Ukraine

The russian occupiers seek to discredit the heritage of the Cossacks, which holds significant importance for the Ukrainian people

The russian occupation of Ukraine testifies to a systematic attempt by the invaders to discredit the historical heritage of the Cossacks, which is of great importance to the Ukrainian people. The Moscow invaders use all methods to spoil the image of Cossacks as a symbol of Ukrainian national freedom and struggle for independence, writes the National Resistance Center.

This is what the ideologue of the “russian world” and expansionist Oleksiy Anpilogov boasts in his recent “research”.

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Agitator-propagandist Oleksiy Anpilogov / Photo credit: Myrotvorets

He claims that it was the Cossack organizations of Donbas that managed to contain the russian occupation and only since russia started “its” Cossacks were able to strengthen the armed forces of the aggressor state. Moreover, the Gauleiter is convinced that Cossack groups can be mobilized into the ranks of the russian army in the future.

However, recently in russia, a law was signed on the creation of a Cossack “mobilization reserve”, which provides for the forced signing of contracts with the Ministry of Defense of the russian federation. And in the spring draft, which began on April 1, two summonses will come – electronic and paper. For which you need to appear at the military commissariat is unknown. All so that the chances of avoiding war were as small as possible.

Despite all these attempts to discredit, the Ukrainian people remain faithful to their history and cultural values. The local population of TOT continues to support and honor the memory of the Cossacks as a symbol of the struggle for freedom and independence, and not the other way around.

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