russian Disbelief in Ukrainian Military Success Spurs Fake Stories of "NATO Pilots" in F-16s from Romania

Open source photo
Open source photo

Without foreign pilots on F-16s launching strikes from Romania's airspace on the occupied Crimea, russia cannot explain to the population the painful hits from the Ukrainian Air Forces

After another successful strike by the Ukrainian Air Forces on the occupiers' command and communication system in Crimea, reports emerged in russia from so-called correspondents who actively pick up and echo official russian propaganda outlets. In the fake reports, it is claimed that the strikes were carried out from F-16s in Romania's airspace, with pilots from NATO countries at the controls.

Such fake reports are quite interesting because it directly attests to the genuinely painful consequences of the strikes.

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To justify why the russian air defense systems didn't work, it was no longer sufficient to inform the population about Storm Shadow/SCALP missiles, "instructors" from NATO countries, and intelligence transfers from the Alliance; it was necessary to increase the "intensity."

Defense Express
As it is known, Shadow/SCALP missiles are not integrated into the F-16. However, according to russian disinformation, it was precisely them that russian air defense "successfully shot down" / Open source photo

It is also important that with such disinformation, russian media independently create a situation where another "red line" is crossed.

Because the kremlin has repeatedly stated at official levels that "The use of fighter jets from the territory of these NATO member countries will be considered by moscow as their involvement in the conflict in Ukraine and will force the russian federation to take responsive actions."

At the same time, russia can no longer escape from such an "endless loop." And each time, there is a need to invent something new and more fantastical.

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