Russia Transfers the "Elite" Taman Division From Moscow to Belarus for "Special Tasks"

In Belarus, russians are greeted with bread and salt / Video screenshot
In Belarus, russians are greeted with bread and salt / Video screenshot

The Taman Division of the russian federation suffered serious losses by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in March-April and it seems that they are preparing for the second attempt

Echelons with russian troops that form the so-called "joint grouping of troops" continue to arrive in Belarus. According to official information from the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, the expected number is about 9,000 soldiers.

Belarusian Defense Ministry also published a video from a meeting of the russians, who were greeted by Belarusians with bread and salt. In the video a person who introduced himself as the head of the echelon, Colonel Pavlikin, said that the 1st Motorized Rifle Regiment had arrived to perform "special tasks". He also threw the phrase that "he will work off a piece of bread."

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Defense Express note that the russian army has a single 1st Motorized Rifle Regiment and it belongs to the 2nd Motorized Rifle Division, better known as Taman. This is actually an "elite" unit of russia’s armed forces, which is located near Moscow.

This division operated in the Kharkiv direction and near Chernihiv in the direction of Kyiv, where suffered significant losses. In addition, the 1st Motorized Rifle Regiment was also "thinned out" by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the first half of April, eliminating even its commander Denis Mezhuev.

Russia Transfers the
The captured T-90M of the Taman Division / Photo credit: dvishch Telegram channel

It should be mentioned that russians were met by one of the units of the airborne troops of the Armed Forces of Belarus, which are the most combat-ready units in the country.

According to information received by Defense Express from own sources in Belarus, the unloading of personnel took place at the Losvida railway station near the village of Savchonki in Vitebsk Oblast. The training ground of the 103rd Airborne Brigade of the Armed Forces of Belarus is located in this area.

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