russia Moves More T-62 Tanks to Ukraine

Illustrative photo: russian T-62 main battle tank / Open source photo
Illustrative photo: russian T-62 main battle tank / Open source photo

The combat vehicles were spotted moving toward Ukraine

Obsolete equipment is continuously restored from russian warstocks. This time, a train loaded with T-62 tanks was spotted in Kazan, russia. The 1960s Soviet-era vehicles were supposedly heading to Ukraine, Strategic Communications of Ukrainian Armed Forces report.

The military noted that T-62 is "not suited for modern combat": they lack up-to-date electronics, optics and protection. Defense Express can add that as far as we can see from the effect of sanctions, even newer russian tanks have problems acquiring relevant components.

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As for the spotted T-62s, StratCom says, citing the authors of the video:

"The fact that they take this scrap metal from their reserves indicates that russia is running out of resources, and the maximum that the occupiers are capable of is not to attack, but to defend."

The idea is supported by the assessment of Ukraine's Defense Ministry. Earlier the ministry's spokesman Oleksandr Motuzyanyk said during a briefing that 30 restocked T-62M tanks were deployed to the Zaporizhzhia operational direction to serve as defensive long-range firing points.

Obsolete tanks like T-62 or the T-55 depicted on this photo are good for nothing but as stationary firing points / Photo credit: Photo credit: Mikhail Klimentyev, AFP via Getty Images

In an interview to the director of the Defense Express on Espreso TV channel, the expert explained that a conflict between the major russian armor producing enterprise UralVagonZavod and repair plants resulted in several such plants closing in the russian federation, consequently, the number of qualified repair brigades and their poor training.

Worth noting, this is not the first appearance of the T-62 in the context of the war in Ukraine. Actually, a modified version of these tanks had been spotted in Ukraine before, during the fighting for Severodonetsk in Eastern Ukraine.

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