russia Claims Over 50 Pantsir Systems Defend Their Objects from Drone Strikes

russia Claims Over 50 Pantsir Systems Defend Their Objects from Drone Strikes

This quantity was publicly announced and came after previous reports that the russian air defense was unable to provide full protection of objects within the territory of the russian federation from long-range drone strikes

The commander of the air and missile defense forces of the so-called "aerospace forces of the russian federation," Andrey Smirnov, announced the number of Pantsir anti-aircraft artillery systems covering "industrial facilities" and more on enemy territory.

According to him, "over 50 Pantsir combat vehicles" are involved in countering Ukrainian drones, as well as portable anti-aircraft missile systems, electronic warfare means, and so on.

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Pantsir-S1 surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery system, Defense Express
Pantsir-S1 surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery system / Open-source illustrative photo

He also notes that as part of countering drones, "a large number of visual observation posts" have been deployed. Smirnov overall notes that significant work has been done to strengthen air defense and missile defense after the initial strikes by Ukrainian drones directly on russian territory.

Interestingly, the statement about the number of Pantsir missile systems covering objects on the territory of the russian federation came after russian propagandists published materials about their air defense system's inability to fully protect strategic facilities from attacks. Moreover, russia wants to scale up the production of an unnamed electronic warfare system, which supposedly can counteract virtually all drones. Overall, it is worth noting that today in russia there is indeed talk at the state level about protecting industrial facilities and other objects from drone attacks.

At the same time, Defense Express previously analyzed how much time the enemy might need to accomplish such a task and whether they would have enough Pantsir systems.

Defense Express

Moreover, to counter enemy unmanned aerial vehicles, the opponent essentially copied the idea of creating mobile air defense groups. The russian occupiers plan to deploy them massively to protect their facilities, although it will be quite a challenging task.

Earlier Defense Express reported another russian terrorist attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure, but 89% of airborne threats were destroyed.

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