Oil Depot in russian Belgorod Came Under Helicopters Attack. Russia blames Ukraine

Belgorod oil depot on fire
Belgorod oil depot on fire

Earlier today two helicopters have conducted a successful military aerial operation striking directly at oil depot and setting on fire at least 8 fuel tanks in russian city Belgorod, russian governor blames Ukraine

The information appeared at 05:51 A. M. and afterwards there have been several videos posted on the Internet of two helicopters which look like Mi-24 hitting the depot.

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Oil Depot in russian Belgorod Under Air Attack of Allegedly Ukrainian Helicopters, Defense Express, war in Ukraine, russia-Ukraine war
Belgorod oil depot. The look from above

The regional governor of Belgorod (40 km from Kharkiv) Vyacheslav Gladkov alleged the fire was caused by airstrikes from two Ukrainian helicopters that had crossed the border at low altitude, in a statement on his Telegram channel on Friday morning, but a claim cannot be immediately verified. He added that the blaze injured two workers, 200 of firefighters are trying to put out the fire.

A threat of fire spread to local residential buildings remains. People are being evacuated.

There are a few videos of air strike, with two Mi-24 captured on camera.

However, no official information about the strike has been provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine yet.

Meanwhile, there are already lots of cars queuing at petrol stations.

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