Mirage 2000-5 Jets Intercept russian Su-30 Fighters and An-72 Transport Plane over Baltic Sea

Photo credit: NATO Air Command
Photo credit: NATO Air Command

On February 29, two French Mirage 2000-5 aircraft intercepted russian Su-30 fighters and an An-72 transport plane

This is reported by the NATO Air Command.

"Check out how it looks when two Mirage 2000-5 intercept two SU-30M aircraft over the Baltic Sea yesterday," NATO stated.

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According to the command, immediately after that, the French fighters received a new task, where they also intercepted the russian An-72 flying in international airspace north of Poland.

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Photo credit: NATO Air Command

Reminder, russia has repeatedly used its military aircraft for provocations.

In November, Norwegian F-35 aircraft intercepted russian bombers and fighters. They were spotted near the airspace of the North Atlantic Alliance.

In August, the Danish Air Force intercepted two russian bombers flying over Denmark.

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