French Mirage 2000D Fighter-Bomber Transfer to Ukraine Shrouded in Mystery

French Mirage 2000D attack aircraft / Illustrative photo by Armée de l'Air
French Mirage 2000D attack aircraft / Illustrative photo by Armée de l'Air

What priorities is Paris currently emphasizing, and does the transfer of specialized strike aircraft fall within them?

After the international conference on Ukraine held on February 26 in Paris, French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu stated, among other things, that his country is currently focused on providing "useful and effective capabilities" to the fighting Ukraine.

France has invested its own resources and adapted MiG-29 and Su-27 aircraft for AASM Hammer guided air-to-surface missiles. However, France asserts that there cannot even be a consideration of transferring specialized Mirage 2000D fighter-bombers to Ukraine.

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This is stated in the publication of the French profile portal Opex360.

However, as further revealed in the publication, the "no" from the French Minister of Defense regarding the Mirage 2000D for Ukraine does not necessarily signify Paris's categorical refusal to provide such aircraft at the moment.

As noted, the French aim to provide Ukraine only with weaponry that currently "changes the rules of the game." And at the present moment, they claim that the Mirage 2000D fighter-bombers do not fall under such weaponry, while bombs adapted for the Su-24M and MiG-29, namely AASM Hammer, fit the criteria perfectly.

At the same time, the French Minister of the Armed Forces uttered the phrase: "the President always says there are no taboos." This obviously means that if the corresponding decision is adopted at the level of the head of the state, then the Mirage 2000D strike aircraft can be entirely handed over to Ukraine.

French Mirage 2000D multirole fighter aircraft , Defense Express
French Mirage 2000D multirole fighter aircraft / Illustrative photo by Dassault Aviation

At the same time, the Minister of Defense of France emphasized that usually Paris announced the decision to transfer certain types of weapons to Ukraine only when they were already physically delivered to our territory.

This format of actions helped to maintain the necessary secrecy and created an image of reliable partners for the French.

Earlier, Defense Express explained what is so special about Mirage-2000D aircraft that Ukraine wants them to complement Su-24M.

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