Challenger 2 Encounters Wagner's Pyramids (Video)

Challenger 2 on the move / Illustrative photo credit: UK Ministry of Defense
Challenger 2 on the move / Illustrative photo credit: UK Ministry of Defense

Keep in mind that russia spent billions to make these concrete fortifications

Footage spreading across the media shows a Challenger 2 tank of British manufacture easily breaking through the so-called "dragon's teeth," a.k.a. Wagner's pyramids – fortifications made to stop tanks on their tracks.

The location is unknown, allegedly, it is an episode of training carried out by Ukrainian forces. We can see the tank equipped with a scoop as it easily removes the pyramids.

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As a reminder, these concrete fortifications try to imitate the "dragon's teeth" largely deployed by Germans during World War II. In earlier reports, we could see russians planting the pyramids in several lines on the frontline and on secondary defense lines deeper into the rear. Called Wagner's lines because they were seen made by russian Wagner Group mercenaries previously.

The way they installed the fortifications caused doubts about their effectiveness from the very start. The thing is, russians produced them en masse but simply put them on the ground and weren't taking their time to dig them in. As explained well by Reuters in an article, they have to be at least dug into the ground, much better if they have a proper full-concrete foundation underneath, too.

Even if they do, the scoop attached to the Ukrainian tank would be able to take off the top level of the ground from under such a pyramid. However, how it goes in a real combat situation, the practice will show.

Infographics show how the dragon's teeth should be planted to be effective / Credit: Reuters

Here we should also remind you that according to the russian sources, in the bordering Belgorod region alone, russia spent almost 10 billion rubles ($125 mln) to erect these fortifications, not to mention there are many more placed along the defense lines in eastern and southern Ukraine, in particular, concrete pyramids were seen on the 15-km defense line created by russians near Melitopol earlier this year.

And of course, Wagner's lines already proved their ineffectiveness as they didn't stop russian armed volunteers from breaking into the Belgorod region to fight for the safety of Ukrainians a few days ago.

Dragon's teeth in Crimea, March 2023
Dragon's teeth in Crimea, March 2023 / Photo credit: Crimea.Realities, RFE/RL
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