"russia is Left Completely Defenseless" and Apparently Belgorod is Just the Beginning

Soldiers of the Russian Volunteer Corps (Russkiy Dobrovolcheskiy Korpus / RDK) / Photo credit: RDK
Soldiers of the Russian Volunteer Corps (Russkiy Dobrovolcheskiy Korpus / RDK) / Photo credit: RDK

All signs point to the idea that the actions in the Belgorod Oblast carried out by the Liberty of Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), all comprised of citizens of russia, are only the beginning of a larger campaign

The Liberty of Russia Legion has declared another myth about the might of the russian regular army has been shattered, there are no reserves left to the Putin's regime, and "the russian federation was left completely defenseless."

Moreover, they say of panic in the Belgorod Oblast and mass escape going alongside evacuation.

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Liberty of Russia Legion report published on May 23 at 12:10 local time
Liberty of Russia Legion report published on May 23 at 12:10 local time / Screenshot of the post on Telegram

In summary, the successful operations of russian volunteers over the past several days near the city of Grayvoron have demonstrated a few notable points. First of all, the embezzlement schemes disguised as creation of defense lines with Wagner's pyramids have very little to do with real preparations for defense. Because to create fortifications is one thing but making sure the personnel are present in their positions is a different task.

Secondly, it indicates that russia wasn't prepared for this scenario at all, no wonder all we saw from the russian side was disorganization at all levels. The reasons are simple. Security of the state border is ensured by the Border Guard Service which is a part of the FSB but as soon as a rate with even a small number of armored vehicles is concerned, the services of the ministry of defense must interfere. It also requires good coordination with the local authorities.

As a result, as of the latest data on May 23 afternoon, the servicemen of both Liberty Legion and RDK corps were still on the territory of the russian federation. Photos published the same day show the russian volunteers at the Grayvoron border checkpoint. According to the Financial Times, referenced by Suspilne, Ukrainian Defense Intelligence "cooperates" with the militia calling them "rebels" but denying any involvement of Ukrainian soldiers in their operations.

During the attempts of russian regular army to suppress the russian volunteers, Putin's forces used army aviation on May 22 evening. It ended up in one Mi-8 helicopter lost in the process. The infamous russian military blogger Fighterbomber accused the management of incapability to organize the mission which cost lives of the russian pilots on top of the equipment.

Soon afterward, a strike was done to the FSB building in Belgorod on the evening of May 23. An unconfirmed report by Boryslav Bereza suggests that at the time of the strike, there was a meeting on the so-called anti-terrorist operation in Belgorod ongoing.

Issue of another kind took place all over the media, there was a communication chaos whether the locals were evacuated or abandoned, furthermore, the official report on the situation only was published at 14:20, the anti-terrorist operation was announced as completed at 18:00 while the Legion claimed their operation in russia was still ongoing.

Speaking of the central authority, the only answer from the Kremlin was "Putin got informed" and that's it. The situation continues with Moscow being completely uninvolved in the situation in Belgorod Oblast.

Interestingly, the local authorities of neighboring regions show the same passiveness. Only in the Bryansk Oblast, the general meetup of security services was announced, codenamed Edelveys.

In the Kursk Oblast, there is no similar activity recorded despite local authorities had reported that damage was inflicted to the "equipment working on strengthening the state border," and three settlements in the Korenevsky District were cut off power supply.

Another region of borderline disturbance is the Korenevsky District northwest of Belgorod
Another region of borderline disturbance is the Korenevsky District northwest of Belgorod / Map credit: Google Maps

This lack of interest by nearby regions can be easily explained by the fact that the Kremlin has been building a strict "vertical of power" for over 20 years already, and any sort of initiative by local governors has died out.

The inability of Moscow to keep things under control becomes more and more apparent to the regions, so the activities of powers interested in overthrowing Putin's regime are possible not only in the Belgorod Oblast but in the rest of the regions of the russian federation, too.

A representative of the Liberty of Russia Legion outlined that among the objectives of their operation in the Belgorod Oblast was "to demonstrate to the russian nations that creating hotbeds of resistance and fighting against Putin's regime is possible."

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