​Barriers That russians Had Prepared Against Ukrainian Naval Drones Was Washed Away Near the Kerch Bridge During a Storm

Satellite image of the Kerch bridge dated November 28 / Image credit: MT Anderson
Satellite image of the Kerch bridge dated November 28 / Image credit: MT Anderson

The bridge across the Kerch Strait remained with no defenses

Navigational barriers and barges that the enemy placed to protect the Crimean bridge were destroyed by a powerful storm that raged on November 26-27.

This is confirmed by satellite images published by the well-known OSINT analyst MT Anderson, who noted that three barges on which the barriers were attached are fully submerged, one more is partially submerged, two were completely washed away by waves, and one more is afloat, but not fixed.

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It will be recalled that these navigational barriers were placed at the end of August of this year, after Ukraine’s naval kamikaze drones carried out another successful attack on July 17. By design, they were supposed to create a continuous barrier. But he did not stand the test of the weather.

Currently, the enemy is making every effort to restore the barriers, but in any case, this will take time, which opens a certain window of opportunity for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It was previously reported that due to the storm, Sevastopol Bay was also left without similar defenses.

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