​Government of russia De-Facto Enforces the "War Communism" Regime Within Defense Industry and Army With a Penalty of up to 10 Years in Jail

russian federation returns to its usual state – the country of labor camps
russian federation returns to its usual state – the country of labor camps

In the russian federation, the most popular term of imprisonment will soon be 10 years, because this is how much military personnel, conscripts and industrialists get according to a new law approved by the State Duma.

Particularly, the russian government voted for a number of amendments to the Criminal Code, which indicate the real state of the military industry and the degree of the country's readiness for mobilization.

The new version of the CC introduces additional criminal liability for the executors of the state defense order, and several articles on conscription, failure to comply with command orders, refusal to participate in the war, and even the one about a troop’s surrender.

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10 Years For Failure to Fulfill a Defense Order

As for the military-defense complex, it seems that the Kremlin is preparing to introduce a regime of "war communism" by introducing a penalty of 10 years of imprisonment for non-fulfillment or violation of the terms of the contract and even for refusal to accept it.

10 years of jail for the breach of a contract – that’s what you call strict terms / Open source illustrative photo

We should also recall that in July, the russian federation has already adopted a law ensuring the conditions for total dictate of the customer, primarily the ministry of defense of the russian federation over the executors. According to this law, the representatives of the military-industrial complex do not have the right to refuse to fulfill the order and must accept the given conditions without discussion. However, back then they were bound only by administrative liability for evasion, which is now enhanced by criminal liability.

Refusal of a contract is punished by imprisonment for a term of 4 to 8 years. The same period in case of violation of any terms of the contract – for officials and "ordinary" people. And in case an official caused damage to the customer worth more than 5% of the contract value, he would face from 5 to 10 years of imprisonment.

Perhaps the Kremlin's cunning plan is to put everyone in prison, where "Wagner" PMC will pick them up and send them to fight in Ukraine / Open source illustrative photo

Importantly, this law applies not only to the state segment of the military-industrial complex and final product manufacturers, but to all enterprises, regardless of their form of ownership, which may be contractor companies and not the direct executors of state defense orders for the russian military.

Thanks to the law adopted by the Kremlin in July, the executor cannot refuse the contract and its terms. As a result, russia recreates something similar to the direct methods of Soviet "war communism".

10 Years For Evading Conscription and Refusing to Go to War

An even more interesting "set" of punishments is connected, most likely, with preparation for mobilization in russia. First of all, a rather broad term is introduced to the Criminal Code: "in conditions of wartime or in conditions of armed conflict or hostilities", which actually replaces the "wartime" which has extremely exact limits. In other words, now a whole bunch of norms regarding criminal responsibility can be imposed without declaring war.

Also, a number of norms regarding the acting and potentially mobilized military of the russian army are being introduced. In particular, those who are in the "reserve", face up to 10 years in prison for evading conscription and regular military training.

10 years for evasion, 10 years for refusal, 10 years for surrender / Open source illustrative photo

More interestingly, if one refuses to "participate in hostilities", he gets up to 3 years of imprisonment, and if it leads to "severe consequences", it means, once again, 10 years in jail. At the same time, the punishment is identical for those who take part in military drills.

Once more, up to 10 years is the punishment for deserters, and another newly introduced article provides the same term of punishment for "voluntary surrender" into captivity. The same ten also applies to those who committed "violent actions against their superior" or violated the rules of military service.

On the part of Defense Express, at this point, we can only sum up that it is simply "10 out of 10" from the russian government. What this will lead to, we’ll discuss in a separate article.

P.S. An important aspect: the draft law was formally introduced back in July, but did not contain any of these provisions. The draft was completely changed on September 19, and its consideration and adoption required just a few hours. At a similar pace, that is, in a matter of days, it will most likely pass the second chamber of the russian parliament and be signed by putin – and enter into force.

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