The Antonivskyi Bridge, Present Condition After the Night Strikes (Latest Video)

Illustrative photo of the bridge from open sources
Illustrative photo of the bridge from open sources

High-precision strikes finally cut off russian occupiers in Kherson from the “mainland”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue the operation to cut all the transport arteries connecting the russian army groups on the right bank of Ukraine. On the night of July 27, another attack was conducted on the Antonivskyi bridge over the Dnipro near Kherson.

A video of these strikes has already been posted online, showing eight explosions in the western part of the bridge, which was already damaged. Two of these explosions are possibly repeated detonations, so it is not ruled out that the blow was inflicted at the time when russia’s ammunition or military equipment was being tried to be "pulled" over the bridge.

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The strike on the bridge was also confirmed by the head of the press center of the defense forces of southern Ukraine, Nataliya Humenyuk, on the air of the telethon, stating that it was an accurate strike. She also added that now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are keeping all strategic logistical and transport routes for the enemy under fire control.

Regarding the condition of the bridge itself, the collaborator Kyrylo Stremousov made a confusing statement that mixed up everything, starting from "a strike was conducted" and "the bridge is closed", to "it's okay, it doesn't change anything, because now the army will organize ferries and pontoon crossings".

Also, in all the videos, russians do not show the western part of the bridge, which was struck, and quickly forgot that hours ago they announced the successful interception of all Ukraine’s missiles that were approaching the bridge.

The russian military propagandists have already announced that the Antonivskyi Bridge is blocked by the units of the russian federation, a long traffic jam has formed and even the military vehicles of the russian army are not allowed to cross it.

According to unconfirmed information, the bridge sustained damage to its supporting structures, which makes it impossible to repair it in the short term.

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