Slovenian M-55S Tank Got Caught On Video In Ukraine

The M55S tank / Illustrative photo from open sources
The M55S tank / Illustrative photo from open sources

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received M-55S tanks from Slovenia, which are improved Soviet T-55

The Ukraine Weapons Tracker shared the video on Twitter, mil.in.ua reports. It’s the first video of Ukraine’s servicemen training on these vehicles, which haven’t been shown before.

In September, the Slovenian government announced about handing over 28 tanks of this type to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Instead of these tanks, the Slovenian army will receive 35 units of 8x8 heavy trucks and 5 units of 8x8 heavy tanks. The relevant message was posted on the Slovenian government website.

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Defense Express reminds the specifications of the tank. Instead of the D-10TS2 100mm gun, modernized Slovenian tanks received an L7 105mm gun paired with a PKT 7.62 mm machine gun. In addition, a modular turret by Rafael with a DShK machine gun was installed on the turret of the tank. Dynamic armor by Elbit System was installed on the turret, front and sides. The fire control system was improved by integrating a digital ballistic computer, and a LIRD-1A laser sensor system was installed to activate the smoke grenade launchers.

Optical devices by the Slovenian Fotona company, which were intended for Yugoslav M-84 tanks, were installed at the workplaces of the gunner, commander and mechanic-driver. The V12 engine power of the tank was increased from 520 to 600 horsepower.

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