Long-Range Weapons, Air Defense, Artillery: Key Priorities Announced for Ukraine at Ramstein Meeting

Patriot air defense system / All photo: NATO Air Command
Patriot air defense system / All photo: NATO Air Command

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine's president, emphasized that long-range armament, air defense systems, and artillery stand as top priorities for aid from its allies

As reported by European Pravda, Zelenskyy stated this in his address to the participants of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting (Ramstein format) on the second anniversary of its founding, which was broadcasted on the Pentagon's Twitter (X).

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The president of Ukraine noted that the way events will unfold in the combat zone depends on how quickly Ukraine and its allies act and whether their agreements are fully implemented.

"Although in half a year while we were waiting for a decision on the American support, the russian army managed to seize the initiative on the battlefield, we can still not only stabilize the front but also move forward, achieving our Ukrainian goals in the war," Zelenskyy stated.

He emphasized the significance of long-range weapons, stating that "no part of the occupied territory of Ukraine should remain safe for the occupiers." The president expressed gratitude to Ukraine’s allies for their decisions regarding missiles, including Storm Shadows, SCALPs, and ATACMS, which have been "working tirelessly on the frontline."

Air defense has been named the second priority. "This year, russian jets have deployed over 9,000 guided aerial bombs against Ukraine. We require the capability to intercept their combat aircraft to prevent them from approaching our positions and borders. This capability is achievable, just as safeguarding Ukrainian cities from russian rockets. We urgently need Patriot systems and the missiles for them," Zelenskyy stressed, adding that Ukraine needs at least seven such systems.

"You have these systems, and they truly can change the situation for the better. As well as accelerating the transition to the F-16s," he stated.

The president of Ukraine identified artillery and ammunition as the third priority, emphasizing that the ratio of Ukrainian to russian forces in artillery is 1:10, a situation that inspires russia to plan a counteroffensive.

The fourth priority involves the production of weapons in partner states and through collaborative projects.

"Now in Ukraine, we have the potential for the production of drones, particularly those that significantly surpass our financial capabilities. The same applies to electronic warfare systems... We need to bolster our defense capabilities with tangible orders," Zelenskyy noted.

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