"Combined Units" Tactics: How National Guard Servicemen With MANPADS And the ZU-23-2 Guns Clear the Sky From russia's Helicopters And Other Targets

Photo credit: National Guard of Ukraine
Photo credit: National Guard of Ukraine

How Ukraine’s National Guard soldiers confront russia’s helicopters on the battlefield

The helicopter pilots of the russian occupying forces want to turn the border areas into "their own training grounds", but the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU), using "combined" units, prevent the enemy from gaining impunity in the north of Kharkiv oblast and breaking into Ukrainian territory. The National Guard of Ukraine speaks about it.

Helicopter threat

The National Guard fighters are actively destroying helicopters of the russian occupation forces in Kharkiv oblast: they are covering the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the attacks of enemy army aircraft.

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Photo credit: National Guard of Ukraine

As the officer of the NGU call sign Partizan explains, russian army helicopters often appear with wooded areas where can safely stay outside the damage zone: the task of the fighters is to shoot down enemy helicopters as soon as they appear in the field of view.

Photo credit: National Guard of Ukraine

The enemy is actively trying to interfere with Ukraine’s air defense units, using drones with VOGs for this, so the fighters are forced to actively hide in shelters. MANPADS missiles are not wasted on enemy drones, so Ukraine’s servicemen try to shoot them down with sniper fire or anti-aircraft guns.

Tactics of "combined units"

Among the targets of the National Guard servicemen are the Mi-24, Mi-28 and Ka-52. To destroy russian helicopters they use "combined units" with MANPADS and ZU-23-2, since each weapon has own disadvantages and advantages.

For example, it is "more convenient" to destroy targets with MANPADS, since you don't need to pay a lot of attention to the target: "You hovered, made a shot, the missile went out and literally a few seconds later it hits the target."

At the same time, if russians use thermal infrared traps that "distract" the missile, then the ZU-23-2 is applied. It is more difficult to work with it, because you need to aim more accurately, but no heat traps will help the enemy helicopter.

Photo credit: National Guard of Ukraine

As the National Guardsmen note, this tactic is quite effective: the enemy does not dare to cross the border, and also fires from the maximum possible distance, often shooting into the void.

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