​Ukrainian Forces Down Two russian Zircon missiles, the Debris Will Reveal a Lot of Information (Photo)

russian Zircon missile / Defense Express
russian Zircon missile / Defense Express

Ukraine intercepts two russian zircon missiles aimed at Kyiv

On March 25, russia deployed its latest missile, the ZM22 Zircon, once again targeting Kyiv. This marks the second publicized use of this missile following an unsuccessful attempt to strike Kyiv on February 7, where it is presumed that the damaged missile fell in the Desnianskyi district.

However, today’s attack saw the enemy launching two Zircon missiles simultaneously, both of which were intercepted directly over Kyiv. According to Defense Express’ sources, preliminary analysis of the debris from the two downed missiles that landed in the capital has provided valuable insights. In contrast to the fragmented remnants left after the February 7 strike, which took five days to confirm as a Zircon attack, the current debris is more informative. This new debris will enable a more thorough analysis, offering insights into the missile’s engine, guidance system, materials and other critical details. This wealth of information will aid in assessing the true capabilities of the Zircon missile and the technological advancements russia has achieved in developing its secretive missile.

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russian Zircon missile Defense Express Ukrainian Forces Down Two russian Zircon missiles, the Debris Will Reveal a Lot of Information (Photo)
russian Zircon missile / Photo credit: Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise

The attack with the Zircon missiles originated from Crimea, which is under temporary occupation, as stated in the official announcement from the Air Force Command regarding the destruction of two ballistic missiles.

Questions still linger regarding the launch site – whether it was from the Object-100 Utes stationary coastal missile system, also known as Sotka, or the upgraded Bastion mobile coastal defense system. It is noteworthy that even after interception, missile debris poses a threat as it falls to the ground. This was evident when a gym in a state educational institution in the Pecherskyi district collapsed due to the remnants of a missile, while parts of another missile landed in the private sector on the left bank. In total, seven people were affected, with two requiring hospitalization.

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