​The UK Defense Intelligence Reveals Additional Details about the Kushchyovskaya Airfield Attack

The Kushchyovskaya air base (46.5353, 39.5493) / Defense Express
The Kushchyovskaya air base (46.5353, 39.5493) / Defense Express

Ukrainian strike may lead to higher costs and fatigue for russian pilots

Over the course of this week, the Ukrainian attack on the Kushchyovskaya airfield has likely contributed to approximately 40 aircraft of different types being removed from the area and dispersed to multiple airfields further from the frontline, the UK Defense Intelligence reports.

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The impact of this is unlikely to be immediately obvious or dramatic. However, Ukraine has already demonstrated the ability to strike much further into russia than these dispersal locations. Forcing such dispersal measures means that length of sorties will have to increase to maintain the same permanency over the battlespace. This will in turn require more fuel, increasing cost, while also placing more strain on the aircrews.

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