Maxar Technologies Showed the Result of Ukrainian Strike on russian Troops on Zmiinyi Island

Illustrative photo /  Zmiinyi Island
Illustrative photo / Zmiinyi Island

Ukraine’s defense forces continue operation for "demilitarization" of Zmiinyi Island from Russian troops. They delivered strikes on enemy on this island in the Black Sea

The head of the joint coordination center of Ukraine’s South Defense Forces, Natalia Humeniuk, yesterday announced on the air of the national telethon that Ukrainian forces have delivered strikes on enemy equipment and manpower on Zmiinyi (Snake) Island. The operation continues

"There indeed been a strike. In fact, more than just one, but all of this is part of a military operation that requires silence. Nevertheless, we understand justified concerns of the population, including that in the Odesa region, who have heard the explosions with their own ears. Our troops are doing their job and if there is no warning of threat, everything is being done just right. The massive blow was inflicted as various forces were employed. We aren’t revealing all of them, as the enemy’s also listening to and reading us. Therefore, the strike inflicted some damage. We see and understand that the enemy cluster of personnel and equipment has been defeated. We already know that the Pantsir anti-aircraft missile system was very badly damaged, possibly completely destroyed, we know that the radar station was very badly damaged, and there are other enemy losses that we’re verifying to take into account. The operation is underway, and I think we will deliver a follow-up really soon," Humeniuk said.

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It should be noted, Maxar Technologies company June 22 spread a new satellite image of Zmiinyi Island. They demonstrate, that large burn marks and a damaged tower have appeared on Zmiinyi after the Ukrainian Army conducted “aimed strikes.”

The burn marks are visible in three parts of the island in the satellite image, taken on June 21. One is near a tower structure on the southern side of the island. The other two are closer to the main building complex.

In the past two months, Ukrainian forces have repeatedly hit Russian forces and infrastructure stationed on the island. They’ve also knocked out a Russian helicopter and a number of naval craft located offshore.

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