Hundreds of Russia Military Equipment in Ukraine (photo)

Russian tank T-72B3
Russian tank T-72B3

According to the photo and video evidence published on the Internet, as of March 2, about 200 Russian units were destroyed by the fire of the Armed Forces, more than 100 units were abandoned by the occupiers, and almost 150 became trophies of the Ukrainian military.

The Russian aggressor continues to lose manpower and military equipment en masse. According to official estimates of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from February 24 to March 2, 2022, the occupiers lost about 5,840 personnel, 1,073 armored vehicles, 125 artillery and MLRS, more than 60 aircraft and helicopters, 355 vehicles and 9 air defense.

A significant part of destroyed, damaged, abandoned and trophy military equipment of the Russian army in Ukraine can be tracked with the help of photos and video (of course, this is not very complete data on total losses of such equipment), as researchers from oryxspioenkop.com.

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Russian T-72B3 tanks destroyed and abandoned by the crew

27 MRAP armored vehicles (BBM GAZ-2975 "Tiger-M", KamAZ-63968 "Typhoon-K", etc.) - 13 destroyed, 1 damaged, 2 abandoned and 11 seized.

"Tiger-M" abandoned by the Russian military in Kharkov

БТР-МД Ракушка

Armored personnel carrier BTR-MD "Rakushka"

47 self-propelled, artillery, and missile systems - 8 destroyed, 10 abandoned, 28 captured by the Armed Forces;

ТОС-1А Солнцепек
220-mm TOS-1A "Solntsepek" abandoned with full ammunition

19 anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes of various types - 7 destroyed, 2 damaged, 5 abandoned and 5 captured;

9 aircrafts and helicopters - 7 destroyed and 2 damaged;

147 military vehicles (trucks, SUVs, etc.) - 71 destroyed, 2 damaged, 31 abandoned and 43 captured by the Ukrainian military.

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