​An Air-launched HARM Missile, a HIMARS Strike or a "Double" SMArt: How the Ukrainians Destroyed a Rare russian Radar (Video)

HIMARS rocket launch / Open source photo
HIMARS rocket launch / Open source photo

Let’s analyze the spectacular strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the russian positions

Ukrainian Armed Forces have neutralized a rare radar of the russian occupation army with an accurate "shot". The video showing the enemy system hit by an unspecified weapon was published by the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to the attached message, Ukrainian forces managed to destroy a "Zoopark-1" reconnaissance and fire control radar complex in the Zaporizhzhia region: "A precise hit upon the determined coordinates completely disabled the equipment that allowed to adjust the fire of enemy artillery." The occupiers also lost four units of soft-skinned and armored vehicles.

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At this point we should note: what’s interesting here is not just the fact one of the quite few "Zoopark" radar systems was destroyed, but also the weapon used by the Ukrainian military to do it.

Zoopark-1 radar system / Open source photo

For starters, in this video you can "catch" a frame with a missile (in the image below) approaching the "Zoopark-1" – at first we can assume that the equipment was destroyed by an AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missile launched from a MiG-29. Especially since the appearance of these missiles in the Armed Forces, Ukraine’s military began to more actively destroy russian radars.

The munition that hit the radar highlighted / Screenshot credit: Defense Intelligence of Ukraine

At the same time, several details indicate that it was not HARM after all, but another weapon that the Armed Forces also received from the USA. For example, the fact that there were six rockets fired at the position of the occupiers, as well as the mid-air detonation and the accuracy which the first target was hit with, in particular. This indicates that the Ukrainian forces probably shelled the occupiers with a barrage from the HIMARS rocket systems.

The moment when the radar got hit / Screenshot credit: Defense Intelligence of Ukraine

In social media, there were also suggestions that the russian position could have been shelled with a salvo comprising of a "mixture" of high-precision M982 Excalibur, SMArt 155 "duplet-shells", as well as ordinary 155-mm shells.

Still, the size of the initial munition that hit the radar testifies to the HIMARS variant, not the 155mm shells.

Besides, all the explosions were too powerful for SMArt submunitions. The video below shows an example of how two targets got hit with SMArt 155 ammunition fired from a PzH 2000 howitzer.

For comparison, in the following video, you can see in detail how a HIMARS missile hits its target.

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