Was the ODAB-1500 Aviation Bomb Used by the Enemy for the First Time: What Is Its Main Danger?

The ODAB-1500 bomb
The ODAB-1500 bomb

The thermobaric ODAB-1500 is a volumetric-detonating aviation bomb weighing 1500 kg onto which the russians were also able to install the UMPK kit, turning it into a glide bomb

The news quickly spread across the network that the enemy supposedly "for the first time" used the ODAB-1500 aviation bomb to strike Ukraine.

In the footage captured by the drone, it is evident how the russian forces attacked the village of Velyka Pysarivka in the Sumy region, located 7 km from the border with the russian federation. Apparently, the bomb itself was equipped with a UMPK kit, which allows its use over significant distances, estimated at 50-70 km.

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However, this is far from the first use of the ODAB-1500, moreover, it is not even the first use with the UMPK kit.

On February 17th, the enemy showcased a video featuring the use of such a modernized guided munition to strike Ukrainian defenders' positions in Chasiv Yar (it is located 10 kilometers west of Bakhmut).

The first photo of the ODAB-1500 with the UMPK surfaced online back in mid-January of this year. In some cases, it was mistakenly identified as the ODAB-500, a bomb three times less powerful.

Defense Express

Previously, the russians had already demonstrated the use of the ODAB-500, but they have a different shape, both in the main and tail sections.

The ODAB-500, Defense Express
The ODAB-500

Also, in April 2023, a photo of the ODAB-1500 without the UMPK appeared (in the main photo of the article - e.d.) Given the timing of the photo's release and the fact that the bomb was suspended under the Su-24 bomber, it is plausible that they were employed by the aviation units associated with the Wagner PMC during the fighting for Bakhmut.

Overall, it should be noted that the ODAB-1500 is a rather rare munition compared to other aerial bombs. It belongs to the old generation of two-stroke thermobaric munitions, where the incendiary mixture is first dispersed, followed by detonation.

About 10 meters before impact, it releases a combustible liquid in aerosol form, igniting upon contact and resulting in a volumetric explosion. The purpose of such munitions is the destruction of living forces.

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