Ukrainian Stugna ATGM's Hunting on russian TOS-1 Buratino MLRS. Detailed Video of System's Crew Work

Stugna ATMG system /Photo credit: RadioSavoboda.org
Stugna ATMG system /Photo credit: RadioSavoboda.org

Journalists showed how Ukrainian "column hunters" work from the ambush

An extremely detailed and interesting video which demonstrates how Ukrainian fighters are destroying enemy columns has appeared on the Internet. In the episode crew is using the Ukrainian-made Stugna anti-tank missile system.

A 6-minute video published by Ukrayinska Pravda  (engl. - 'Ukrainian Truth') Ukrainian online newspaper shows the hard work of "column hunters" without any embellishments.

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The following points are important for better understanding what's going on in the video. First, it is a position for shooting, which was skillfully chosen so it was possible to launch without exceeding. The direction of the enemy's main forces and even the time interval were also known in advance. This indicates extremely well-organized reconnaissance.

Defense Express/ Correctly chosen position for  ATGM allows to launch without exceeding
Correctly chosen position for ATGM allows to launch without exceeding

Thanks to well-organized reconnaissance, the "hunters" missed several units of armored vehicles, which were not a priority. They were a lure to cause fire on themselves in order to secure the main column.

It should be noted that the targets for the Stugna anti-tank missile system are tanks, artillery systems, and anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as fuel tank tracks. And the last point really speaks of catastrophic problems of enemy's fuel supply.

In the hierarchy of targets, the fuel tank track turns out to have a higher priority over the armored personnel carrier or infantry fighter vehicle and deserves to be destroyed by a missile worth about 20 thousand dollars.

Defense Express/ Operator of the Stugna ATMG system
Operator of the Stugna ATMG system "guides" the missile from the moment of launch until it hits the target

In the presented video, the "hunters" hit TOS-1A Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower system , which is also called Buratino (this is the nickname of the old soviet version of TOS-1).

Defense Express/ TOS-1A
TOS-1A "Solntsepyok" heavy flamethrower system / illustrative photo from open sources

Extremely significant moment was not cut from the video: haste and inconsistency of actions caused failure of the first shot. The fact is that after launch, the operator of Stugna must "guide" the missile until it hits the target. And if anyone touches the launcher - the sight will be off.

The video shows the moment when someone decided to "help" and started recharging the launcher without an order, even before the missile hit the target. The result is a miss, the operator's swearing and the need to re-launch the rocket.

The re-launch ended the hunt for Buratino with success. This episode was published by the State Kyiv Design Bureau "Luch" on April 2.

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