​Ukrainian People Fundraise RAM II Drones for the Army: What is This Drone

The RAM-II loitering munition / Open source photo
The RAM-II loitering munition / Open source photo

The Ukrainian answer to the attacks on residential cities will look like this

After the recent indiscriminate attacks of russian forces against Ukrainian infrastructure on October 10, volunteers Serhii Prytula and Serhii Sternenko announced a major fundraising campaign to help Ukrainian army with arms needed to effectively destroy russian occupiers.

The symbolism is in fact that russians used at least 28 Shahed-136 loitering munitions to attack the cities. So in response Ukrainians decided to provide army with "kamikaze drones" of its own, the RAM-II loitering munitions, and collected 352 million in national currency (USD ~9.5 million) in just 24 hours.

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However, it is incorrect to directly compare these two types of systems, as noted by Finance.ua, because the RAM-II "is not a strategic UAV, it is not supposed to invade deep into enemy rear and attack important targets there".

So let’s find out what do these RAM-II drones crowdfunded by the people of Ukraine look like.

Infographics: UA War Infographics, Top Lead

First of all, the volunteers visited the proving grounds where the RAM-II was demonstrated, and took a few samples to put them to test in real combat. Having received targets from intelligence, specialists launched a strike on russian 9K33 "Osa" air defense systems, and as we reported, the result was satisfactory.

Equipped with an optical camera with 10x zoom capability, it can transmit the data in real time to the drone operator to ensure the target is destroyed.

"It is very useful, since the russians learn how to fight, too. They began to relocate themself faster along the frontline," said Serhii Prytula commenting on the procurement of the drones on national TV. "The main targets for our kamikaze drone operators will be EW systems, radar reconnaissance systems, air defense systems etc."

RAM II unmanned system and the Novator armored vehicle
RAM II unmanned system and the Novator armored vehicle / Photo credit: CDET

But we should note that the functionality of the RAM-II doesn’t limit to just precision strikes. In fact it is a multi-role drone that can also be used for reconnaissance and if necessary can safely return to the starting point "up to 10 times", according to the manufacturer. It is made by DeViro in cooperation with a number of state and private enterprises.

Info/Image: CDET

If affected by jamming systems, the drone can automatically return to the base and land with a parachute. It is launched from a catapult which can be carried by a soldier or mounted on a "Novator" vehicle that is used by special forces and other mobile units of the Ukrainian army which can come in handy. The deployment of this system takes up to 10 min, and can be operated from inside the vehicle or a safe position.

RAM II on top of the Novator vehicle at the
RAM II on top of the Novator vehicle at the "Arms & Security-2021" exhibition / Photo by Defense Express

Another interesting feature is that the RAM-II has the "Terminal" software which allows it to synchronize with command and control (C2) systems used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the high level of automation prevents human factor mistakes and allows the use of the drone in a singular or a "swarm attack".

With funds collected by the volunteers, they plan to procure 50 RAM-II drones and three operating stations. In this manner three groups will receive a control station and a new batch of 10 drones as soon as they spend the previous set. As for the remaining money, those will be allocated for more surprises for the russian army, the volunteers assure.

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