Ukrainian Loitering Munition RAM-II destroyed the Russian SAM

Photo for illustration / Loitering Munition RAM-II
Photo for illustration / Loitering Munition RAM-II

Serhiy Prytula, a Ukrainian volunteer, shared video where this drone hit the Russian Osa anti-aircraft missile system

The destruction of the Russian air defense system occurred in the Kherson region in the area between the settlements of Barvinok and Kiselivka. Last week, volunteers organized the visit of the specialists to one of the areas of the front, where the Ukrainian intelligence gave several target options to choose from.

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“They chose the enemy`s Osa SAM for defeat. Now, this Osa will no longer sting our drones, our UAVs, or our helicopters,” said Serhiy Prytula.

Serhii Sternenko, a Ukrainian social activist, claimed that volunteers have already raised funds to purchase 50 of these drones along with ground stations for the value of 100 million hryvnias.

“Within a day, together with you, we collected UAH 352 million into mine and Serhiy Prytula’s bank accounts. Of these funds, we will purchase 50 (this is the maximum amount to purchase) RAM IIs with ground stations worth 100 million hryvnias,” said Serhii Sternenko.

RAM II UAV is designed to destroy tanks, air defense systems, and other military equipment.

Loitering Munition RAM-II
Loitering Munition RAM-II

It was developed by the Ukrainian “Ukroboronprom,” “CDET,” “DeViRo,” “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles,” and “Spetstechnoexport” enterprises. The drone was first presented in 2021 at the Arms and Security exhibition.

UAVs are launched into the sky using a special catapult, which can be installed on an armored vehicle. The manufacturer stated that after take-off, the device is moving at a speed of up to 70 km/h. It searches for enemy objects on the ground using cameras with a tenfold zoom within a radius of up to 30 km from the launch site and within 55 minutes.

It is stated that electronic warfare equipment can “muffle” communication with the operator, but in this case, the drone returns to the base by itself and lands with a parachute. The drone can carry 3kg of explosives on board within the fragmentation, cumulative, and thermobaric ammunition, and strike with an accuracy of 1 meter.

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