​Ukrainian Military Destroy a Rare russian BTR-90 Rostok APC Near Avdiivka

russia's BTR-90 Rostok armored personal carrier / Open cource photo
russia's BTR-90 Rostok armored personal carrier / Open cource photo

For the first time, the russian BTR-90 Rostok armored personal carrier was spotted on the battlefield in October this year, while in December, footage showing an already destroyed APC of this type began to circulate on the Internet

Two months ago, namely on October 10, the Russian occupation army began its offensive in the Avdiivka direction, trying to surround the city. Thanks to the frantic resistance of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, the russians lost thousands of their soldiers there as well as hundreds of samples of weapons and military equipment, sometimes quite rare or extremely outdated.

The 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade, operating in the Avdiyivka region, released a video with quite telling footage of russian armored vehicles burned in the Avdiyivka area. Among the many mutilated vehicles, the video shows a rather rare russian BTR-90 Rostok armored personnel carrier.

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On the video from 15:01

Apparently, the occupants simply abandoned their vehicle; it is possible that later the russians will try to evacuate it, although it is also quite likely that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will simply finish off this enemy armored personnel carrier.

This is a rather rare enemy armored vehicle, of which the enemy may have only a few units, while it is not known whether the enemy has thrown all his small reserves of these armored personnel carriers onto the battlefield.

Ukrainian Military Destroy a Rare russian BTR-90 Rostok APC Near Avdiivka, Defense Express
Abandoned enemy BTR-90 APC / Screenshot from the video of the 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade

For the first time, russian BTR-90 APCs were seen at the beginning of the russian offensive on Avdiivka, after several days of really crazy losses of the occupants in armored vehicles. This vehicle was presented back in 1994. Its state tests were completed ten years later, in 2004. The vehicle was adopted for russia’s Army in 2008, but in 2011 the so-called Ministry of Defense of the russian federation refused to purchase this armored personnel carrier for needs of russia’a armed forces.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the BTR-90 Rostock APC:

  • combat weight - 22 tons;
  • hull length - 8200 mm;
  • width - 3100 mm;
  • height - 3000 mm;
  • ground clearance - 510 mm;
  • armament - 30-mm automatic gun 2A42; AGS_17, 7.62-mm machine guns, Konkurs-M ATGM;
  • engine power - 510 hp;
  • highway speed - over 100 km/h;
  • afloat - 12 km/h;
  • range - 800 km

As Defense Express reported, russians complain about quality and quantity of North Korean artillery shells

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