Ukrainian MiG-29 Spotted with French AASM Hammer Guided Bomb (Photo)

The AASM Hammer guided bombs / Open source illustrative photo
The AASM Hammer guided bombs / Open source illustrative photo

The photo of a MiG-29 fighter aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force with a suspended AASM Hammer-250 guided aircraft bomb, on the pylon under the left wing, has appeared in open access

This is the first photo of a MiG-29 in service with the Ukrainian Air Force with a French guided bomb, taken during the aircraft's flight.

Interestingly, the aircraft, in addition to the guided bomb, also carries a suspended fuel tank; there is no other payload there.

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Additionally, it was also reported that Su-24M aircraft in service with the Ukrainian Air Force were also modernized to carry French Hammer aerial bombs.

AASM Hammer-250, Defense Express
Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 with French AASM Hammer-250, Spring 2024 / Photo: TyskNIP

If we take a closer look at the photo above, we will see that the image of the MiG-29 with the AASM Hammer-250 visually resembles the image of the MiG-29 with mysterious pylons, first "spotted" in June 2023.

As became clear later, the photo with the mysterious pylons depicted an aircraft adapted for the use of American JDAM-ER. In addition, somewhat later, in August 2023, on one of the official videos of the Air Force, additional details emerged on how Ukrainian MiG-29s were adapted for JDAM-ER guided bombs.

Adapted Ukrainian MiG-29 for JDAM-ER, Defense Express
Adapted Ukrainian MiG-29 for JDAM-ER, August 2023 / Video screenshot

Based on this, we can tentatively assume that significant modifications were not required for the adaptation of Ukrainian MiG-29s to French AASM Hammer bombs, relative to the JDAM-ER configuration.

However, additional data may emerge over time that could significantly complement the picture here.

Let us remind you that France announced its decision to transfer guided aircraft bombs of the AASM Hammer family to Ukraine in January 2024, with approximately 600 bombs per year or 50 units per month being discussed at that time.

The first use of the French AASM Hammer guided bomb was recorded at the beginning of March 2024, when it was targeted against occupiers at the Avdiivka Coke Plant.

Also, it is likely that this type of guided aircraft bomb was used to strike the command post of the russian invaders on the ship that ran aground in the Left-Bank Kherson region.

Previously, Defense Express reported on how many long-range AASM Hammer bombs France has and whether they are in short supply.

We also explained what makes the Mirage-2000D special and how they will reinforce the Su-24M.

Ukrainian MiG-29 , Defense Express
Ukrainian MiG-29 with mysterious pylons, June 2023 / Photo: Ukrainian Air Force Press Service
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