​Ukrainian Armor Confirms that the Bohdana System Endured a Direct Hit from russian Lancet Kamikaze Drone (Photos)

The Bohdana self-propelled artillery system / Photo credit: Ukrainian Armor
The Bohdana self-propelled artillery system / Photo credit: Ukrainian Armor

First documented damage to domestic system showcases effectiveness against kamikaze drones

The Ukrainian Armor confirmed a noteworthy incident widely circulated on social media. Specifically, it affirmed that one of the Bohdana self-propelled artillery units, equipped with a cabin from Ukrainian Armor, successfully endured a direct hit from russian Lancet kamikaze drone.

Despite sustaining significant damage from the Lancet drone strike, the artillery unit’s armor held up, ultimately safeguarding the crew’s lives.

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Highlighting the precision of the Bohdana 155 mm self-propelled artillery system, developed in accordance with NATO standards, the press service of Ukrainian Armor emphasized its reliability in targeting enemy assets. This case underscores the equipment’s durability, showcasing its effectiveness in combat scenarios.

Defense Express noted this as the first documented instance of the domestic Bohdana system suffering battle damage and the revelation of its physical protection successfully withstanding an assault from the russian Lancet kamikaze drone.

This case underscores the robust reliability of the domestic self-propelled artillery unit. However, it may also signal the onset of a new phase in the ongoing clash between kamikaze drones and battlefield equipment, further intensifying the “confrontation between shield and sword”.

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