​Ukraine Considers Laser Weapons for Air Defense, but Its Effectiveness Uncertain

The DragonFire laser / Photo credit: The Royal Navy
The DragonFire laser / Photo credit: The Royal Navy

The Air Force spokesperson acknowledges need for diverse systems, but laser tech’s impact yet to be proven

Ukraine is potentially in line to acquire laser weaponry for bolstering its air defense capabilities, as per statements from the Air Force spokesperson Illia Yevlash. However, gauging its exact effectiveness remains a challenge at this point.

Illia Yevlash highlighted Ukraine’s urgent need for diverse air defense systems to counter the ongoing barrage of enemy missiles and drones launched by russian forces targeting civilian areas.

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He expressed openness to all types of defense systems, even experimental ones, recognizing their potential utility. Nevertheless, he cautioned that assessing the true impact of such weapons is complex and should be handled discreetly, citing the sensitive nature of this information.

“Of course, any systems, including experimental ones, would be useful,” Illia Yevlash said.

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