​TOS-3 Dragon Flamethrower System Was Shown For the First Time in russia

russia’s TOS-3 Dragon MLRS
russia’s TOS-3 Dragon MLRS

TOS-3 Drakon (rus. for Dragon) should provide a significantly greater firing range than TOS-1A Solntsepyok. They want to achieve such a result thanks to the use of new thermobaric unguided rockets that are used for TOS-2 Tosochka

The first public demonstration of a new TOS-3 Dragon tank based self-propelled flamethrower system, developed by the russian enterprise "Omsktransmash", took place in russia. According to the statements of russian propagandists, the main feature of this development is a longer firing range of thermobaric unguided rockets compared to TOS-1A Solntsepyok MLRS.

This event took place quite strangely - only within the framework of a public event on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the 1st Mobile NBC Protection Brigade of the russian army, despite the existing tradition in russia of exhibiting any development as "unparalleled in the whole world".

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TOS-3 Dragon heavy flamethrower system Was Shown For the First Time in russia, Defense Express
TOS-3 Dragon heavy flamethrower system

At the same time, between the appearance of the first information about the development, at the beginning of 2024, and the statement about the availability of a prototype - in April of this year, the demonstration of the sample took quite a bit of time. This may be evidence that the development itself did not simply take place on the basis of ready-made solutions, but by rearranging ready-made nodes and aggregates.

In particular, the photo shows that the new launcher, which is obviously borrowed from the TOS-2 Tosochka, has 15 guides instead of 18. It should also be noted that the launcher is equipped with a protective anti-accumulative and anti-drone grid (the so-called "grill") as well as by the Volnorez EW system.

TOS-3 Dragon Flamethrower System Was Shown For the First Time in russia, TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy flamethrower system, Defense Express
TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy flamethrower system

The idea of creating a TOS-3 heavy flamethrower system was to integrate longer-range unguided rockets, which are more demanding on accuracy of guidance and stability of guides. According to the information circulating in the russian media, the firing range of such projectiles is from 15 kilometers to 24 kilometers, against 6-10 km for the TOS-1A (in practice, it is often even less than 5 km).

The fact is that the TOS-1A, according to the original concept of use, should enter the direct line of sight to the target and measure the range with a laser range finder. After that, an automatic ballistic calculation is carried out and after that the launcher rises to the desired angle.

At the same time, the idea with the longer-range TOS-2 Tosochka heavy flamethrower system (based on a Ural wheeled all-wheel drive chassis) was to ensure accurate firing from closed positions. However, the range of use of TOS-2 Tosochka still involves being in close proximity to the line of combat and the possibility of falling under counter-battery fire. This was the reason for the creation of TOS-3 flamethrower system based on a tank chassis - in order to provide better protection for the crew and the vehicle itself.

TOS-3 Dragon Flamethrower System Was Shown For the First Time in russia, TOS-2 Tosochka heavy flamethrower system, Defense Express
TOS-2 Tosochka heavy flamethrower system

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