​The russians Presented the S-350 Vitiaz SAM system, a “New Miracle Weapon”, as They Say

The S-350’s launching station / Open source photo
The S-350’s launching station / Open source photo

The occupiers are convinced that the system is is the “world’s first” to shoot down targets without operator intervention. However, such claims of the invaders about another of “victories” of their “Wunderwaffe” should be treated with skepticism

Russian propagandists, citing “their own sources,” claim that on the battlefield in Ukraine, the occupiers “for the first time used the russian mobile anti-aircraft missile system S-350 Vitiaz in automatic mode in combat conditions,” meaning that the SAM system searched for and hit air targets without the operator’s participation.

The occupiers, in their traditional style, say that this is “the first time in the world that an air defense system has shot down targets in automatic mode” and that this is “unprecedented experience” gained by air defense units, and that, of course, such the system has already shot down aircraft and drones on the battlefield in “packs.”

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The russians Presented the S-350 Vitiaz SAM system, a New Miracle Weapon, as They Say, Defense Express
russia's the S-350 Vitiaz mobile anti-aircraft missile system / Open source photo

As noted, the automatic mode provides for the destruction of targets without any operator intervention in the process, and decisions are made using an artificial intelligence system integrated into the system.

In particular, the occupiers claim that the anti-aircraft missile system simultaneously operated in both active and passive modes, and this “allowed to improve protection against interference and expand the capacities to detect and classify targets.”

Although the statement about an anti-aircraft missile system that can “independently” shoot down targets without operator intervention sounds quite epic, such statements should not be taken at face value. Here we can recall, for example, the occupiers’ recent “enchanting” video in which they showed exactly how they shoot down GMLRS missiles by “hundreds,” clearly having forgotten that these missiles have a completely different trajectory.

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